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Join us for our 2nd Opera MeetUp in the Baltimore/DC area

September 29, 2006 3 comments

We’re having our second Opera MeetUp in the Baltimore-Washington DC-Virginia area this coming Tuesday evening (October 3rd) at 7:00PM.

Tim “Junyor” Altman posted details about the meetup on the official User Group blog. Be sure to join us, if you’re in the area. I’d love to meet you.

Official Opera MeetUp in London
There will also be an official Opera meetup in London this coming October 17th. Read about it on the Opera UK blog.

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Opera Community site reaches 500,000 members; More than 1,000 new members join per-day

September 22, 2006 8 comments

The “MyOpera” community site today registered its 500,000th member.

The official Opera Community site first launched in August of 2001, and underwent a major site overhaul in 2005. The site offers personal blogs, photo albums, user groups, Opera forums, friend networks and more (all free, of course).

Over the latest months an average of upward of 1,000 new members have joined the community site each day, according to the official announcement by Opera.

The Opera Community forums ranks number 38 of the top English software forums on the web, according to Big-Boards, a site that tracks the most active message boards and forums.

As part of the 500,000-member celebration Opera asked the 6 most active and popular users to share their experience with the Opera Community site, you can read their thoughts here.

Congratulations to the Opera Community members on reaching this moment; the power of the community is what will ultimately help the Opera browser surge ahead in its popularity. The more we blog about Opera, post in Opera-related forum discussions, and mention the Opera browser to our friends, colleagues and family, the more popular the browser will become. It’s in our hands.

Having a strong Opera community with a powerful (and a socially-oriented) community website to back it up is crucial for Opera in winning the browser war.

More: Official Opera announcement | Reaction from the 6 most active users

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Opera releases update to browser with version 9.02

September 21, 2006 8 comments

Opera today released an update with Opera 9.02.

This update, according to Opera, is a recommended security update. In addition, there are some other updates and fixes such as a fix for high CPU usage while downloading big emails, a fix for Flickr’s Organizr, Slashdot’s new comments system (Discussion2), and a fix for the problem with playing YouTube videos on other sites. (See the changelog here)

In this update Opera also added more fixes for Gmail’s spellcheck, fixed the crashing on, and made Yahoo Mail beta work better.

Download Opera 9.02

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Opera's homepage gets a splash makeover

September 19, 2006 21 comments

Opera today made an update to its homepage ( The new homepage puts more emphasis on the Opera browser, while omitting the other corporate information that existed on the previous one.

I like the new clean interface, it’s small, not much to read, and gets the point across quickly. The headings clearly point out the other Opera browsers besides for the desktop one. There’s also a link in the center of the page that brings you to the classic (old) Opera homepage.

One thing that could be a bit confusing to non-techie users and to those who haven’t heard much about Opera is that the page doesn’t highlight the Opera browser for the desktop like it does with the browser for mobile and devices. I don’t think the picture of the laptop computer necessarily gives it away.

Opera also added a new landing page for the Opera mobile browsers. It too is clear and easy to read, though I haven’t seen any link to it anywhere on Opera’s site.

The landing page for the ‘Opera for Devices‘ section hasn’t been update as of now, but I hope they don’t forget about that. With the recent announcement of the Opera browser on the Nintendo Wii and DS, Opera can get lots of PR mileage out of this hype.

All in all, I think these changes should help somewhat with more downloads of the Opera browser, not just for the desktop, but for the mobile, such as Opera Mini, too.

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Nintendo to give away the Wii Opera browser free until June 2007; More details on browser

September 14, 2006 4 comments

More details emerged today on the new Nintendo Wii relating to the Opera browser.

The Opera browser will come as an optional download, though no price has been set yet. However, Nintendo will allow the browser to be downloaded free until June of 2007, according to

Eventually, you would be able to purchase the browser with the Wii Points (2,000 Wii Points will cost $20).

Chris Kohler from Wired speculates that it’s likely the browser would be free once Nintendo finalizes discussions with Opera.

The browser will also include Flash support, which is an upgrade from the Opera browser for the Nintendo DS. Surfing the web will be done using the Wii Remote (Wiimote).

According to Opera’s Berit Hanson the Wii browser will support all web standards that are included in the Opera 9 desktop browser, including full support for JavaScript and AJAX.

As with the Opera browser on mobile phones and other devices, the browser on the Wii will automatically reformat the webpages to fit the size of the screen, thus eliminating the horizontal scrollbar.

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Keep submitting Opera Widgets for the Widget World Cup

September 14, 2006 2 comments

Editor’s note: Benjamin Jacobsen is the Desktop Marketing Manager at Opera Software.

We started the Widget World Cup a few months ago and recently extended the contest deadlines. Widgets are a great way for people to interact with websites, content, and even have fun, small games available to them on their desktop. To win the Widget World Cup, you have to develop a widget, and then find ways to make it the most popular, downloaded widget – first in your country, and then the rest of the world.

The competition is still on, and we need more widgets! The basic idea is to build a compelling widget (think of what content, functionality, localized information might be especially useful or interesting to different types of audiences). After you build the widget, promote it to your friends, colleagues, user groups, etc. The widget with the most downloads from each qualifying country will then win 1000 Euros. Believe it or not, only one country has qualified thus far (! Pretty crazy given that widgets are simple to build and promote. How about posting a widget on your blog?

Long story short, create a popular widget and promote the heck out of it. Let us know about marketing ideas that you have. We’ve got a lot of ideas up our sleeve that we’re working on, but we’d like to hear your thoughts, ideas, and inspirations about how to spread Opera around your neighborhood, town, city and around the world. Now go build a cool widget and win the Widget World Cup!

Help spread the Opera browser – Got any marketing ideas?
And a final note. We are working hard on coming up with ideas to and expand our current user base with yes, a pretty low budget :). This means we have to be creative and results oriented. It would be great to have your input. Please feel free to send an email to benj at opera dot com when you have cool ideas that you think might work. It is especially fun to see that one of the most important ways of spreading Opera – by having Opera users meet each other and their friends – is happening in the shape of user groups out there. Let us know if you have ideas on what we can do to make it even more fun to invite friends and fellow Opera users to events like these.

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First look at the Opera browser for the Nintendo Wii

September 14, 2006 6 comments

Nintendo posted on their site (in Japanese) some video demonstrations of the new Nintendo Wii, which includes the Opera browser.

Here you can see a bit of the menu that includes the big red Opera icon. (via Nintendojo).

For a more detailed look at the Opera browser live in action on the Wii, see the videos on page 8 and page 9 of their 14-page presentation. (via Haavard).

Back in May of this year Nintendo announced that it would include the Opera browser built-in to its new gaming console, the Nintendo Wii (pronounced ‘We’). This would allow you to browse the web directly from the Wii console using the Wii-remote — a.k.a Wiimote. (Read: What’s in it for Opera financially with the Nintendo deal?).

Opera also built a version of the Opera browser for the Nintendo DS, which comes as an optional DS card.

The Nintendo Wii is set for release on November 19th in the US and Europe, and December 2nd, 2006 in Japan. (via Saito).

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