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Video of Opera's ad in Times Square (last year)

December 28, 2006 2 comments

Here’s is some video from a year ago of Opera’s tribute (ad) to Opera fans. It ran in New York’s Times Square for a week between Christmas and New Years on the ABC SuperSign.

Not sure why it hasn’t been uploaded to YouTube until now, maybe it’s because YouTube wasn’t that big 12 months ago (I think it was). Either way, I hope you enjoy this short clip. 🙂

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Opera vs. Firefox

December 28, 2006 26 comments

I was having a little fun today doing an unscientific Opera vs. Firefox comparison. We always see the feature-by-feature comparisons among the top browsers; let’s try another kind of comparison. Unfortunately for Opera, it lost badly. 😦

Articles on Digg’s homepage with the term “Opera” or “Firefox” in the titles over the past year:
Firefox: 301
Opera: 113

Articles that were posted on Slashdot over the past year containing the term “Opera” or “Firefox“:
Firefox: 146
Opera: 45

Blog posts containing the terms “Opera browser” or “Firefox browser“:
Firefox: 200,752
Opera: 68,584

Google Blog Search
Firefox: 192,964
Opera: 75,453

Webpages that were updated during the past year contain the terms “Opera browser” or “Firefox browser“:
Firefox: 145,000,000
Opera: 83,700,000

Firefox: 34,300,000
Opera: 24,100,000

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I have some Opera Powered 'straps' to give away

December 27, 2006 28 comments

Did you get a new camera or mobile phone this holiday season? I have a bunch of black “Opera Powered” straps (pictured below) that you can attach to your camera or phone. If you email me with your mailing address information before the end of 2006, I’ll send you a free strap. Show off Opera with your straps!!

When you send me an email, make sure to include in the subject line the words “Opera Powered Straps – ” followed by your last name. I don’t want your emails to end up in my spam filter.

Update (8:43PM): The response was overwhelming — I ran out of all my straps. No more to give away for now.

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I love Opera Mini, it's an excellent way to kill time

December 27, 2006 10 comments

Yesterday I had to wait in line for about an hour and a half at the Motor Vehicle Administration to get a new registration card for my car. Luckily I had Opera Mini on my cellphone; I was able to kill most of the time by reading my Bloglines RSS feed subscriptions and visit other news sites.

My current mobile phone, the Sanyo 8200, only supports the basic version of Opera Mini. I’m looking for a new phone that supports the regular Opera Mini version, and preferably also the full Opera Mobile browser.

The Motorola Razr V3x and maxx, which comes with the full Opera Mobile browser pre-installed, should be coming out with Cingular in the United States sometime soon. Is it worth waiting?

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Happy holidays, all

December 22, 2006 5 comments

I would like to personally wish all my readers a warm and happy holiday season.

-Daniel Goldman
Click on the image below to read a special message from Opera’s CEO to you.

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Wii browser passes the Acid2 test

December 22, 2006 6 comments

One of my readers, Robin Zalek, emailed me a few screenshots from the Wii Opera browser. Two of them showed how it passes the Acid2 test (See screenshots below).

The Acid2 test has been written to help browser vendors make sure their products correctly support features that are part of web standards.

I’m not sure which version of Opera the Wii runs on; perhaps someone with knowledge on the issue could shed some light on this.

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What people are saying about the Wii Opera browser

December 22, 2006 6 comments

Before I get to what people in the blogosphere are saying about the Wii Opera browser, I’d like to clear up some things. Even though this is a trial version, you will be able to continue using the Wii browser free even when Nintendo starts charging for the browser in June (so make sure you download it before June). The browser is a beta version, and not all features in the final version are ready to use. It supports Flash, JavaScript, and AJAX – so you’ll be able to check your Gmail during commercials and even watch YouTube videos on your TV.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get to some initial reaction.

So many people have been waiting for this to arrive, it seems even Opera’s CTO Håkon Wium Lie was up at 2:00AM downloading the new Wii browser (Via Jan Standal — Director Product Management at Opera Software).

Om Malik asks “Are You Ready for the Sofa Web?

Opera’s Chief Web Opener David Storey asks “Is your site ready for Wii?

Ars Technica: “Opera may end up being a selling point for the Wii system; the PS3 has a clunky and unintuive web browser, while the Xbox 360 lacks a browser despite enjoying strong online support in other areas. Not only will Opera bring a stronger web-browsing experience to the Wii than Nintendo’s other two competitors, but the Wii remote should also prove to be a much simpler way to navigate the menus than the PS2 Sixaxis. Couple this with the Wii’s built-in WiFi and you have a surprisingly robust set-top box for easy web browsing.”

BigMouthMedia says “Web browsing from games consoles gets easier”.

Elizabeth Millard from CIO Today says “With the introduction of a browser for the Wii, Opera is likely to get more exposure among consumers who might not use Opera for their PCs, favoring instead the other two major options, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox. The Wii is not the first gaming device to get the Opera browser.”

The Infendo blog says “I can seriously see myself vegging on the couch flicking back and forth between the Net and regular TV to check email and other simple tasks.”

Engadget welcomes Opera to the living room.

The GoNintendo blog says “The creation of a special Web browser for the Wii console might very well be appealing to Wii gamers, but its presence on the Wii might also help expand the appeal of the platform beyond gamers.”

P.S. I have one small request for Wii owners. Could any of you email me a screenshot of the Opera Watch homepage on the Wii? I haven’t been lucky enough to get a Wii yet. Thanks in advance.

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