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Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese versions of Opera's site released

Opera launched two more localized versions of in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. These sites will enable users from their respective regions to view Opera’s pages in their native language.

China continues to be a key market for Opera with 137 million Internet users, making it the world’s second largest market behind the US.

In addition to Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, Opera also has localized versions in Russian, Korean, Polish, and Japanese. Opera is currently working on localizing its website in other key markets.

I’d like to give a plug to a Chinese Opera blog by an Opera user in China.

Note: I’ve updated this post with a reference to Traditional Chinese, rather than Taiwanese.

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April 27, 2007 19 comments

Over at the Swimming section on they recently mentioned Jon von Tetzchner, the founder and CEO of Opera, and his quest to swim across the Atlantic Ocean from Norway to the US after downloads of the then newly released Opera 8 exceeded one million in the first four days.

Btw, here is how the Seattle Times summed up the stunt:

“Various Microsoft executives have swum in “Lake Bill” over the years, celebrating product launches and other milestones with a dunk in the pond in the middle of the Redmond campus.

But none of those splashdowns compares with the stunt announced last week by Opera Software Chief Executive Jon von Tetzchner. He pledged to swim from Norway to the U.S. — stopping only for a cup of hot chocolate at his mother’s house in Iceland — if a million copies of the new Opera browser are downloaded in the first four days of its release.”

Opera CEO swimming

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Opera at the CTIA Wireless show (photo)

April 16, 2007 4 comments

A few weeks ago Opera attended the CTIA Wireless show in Orlando, Florida. I just got a picture of Opera’s booth at the show; so why not blog about it now. 🙂

Opera’s CEO, Jon von Tetzchner spoke at the “Wireless Web: Version 2.0” panel. He was joined by executives from Nokia, Palm and Yahoo, where they addressed technical, business and user experience issues relating to mobile Web adoption.

At the booth (picture below), Opera showcased a number of demos, including: Opera 9 for Mobile, Opera Mini 3 with social networking capabilities, Mobile Widgets, and the Opera browser on various handheld devices.

CTIA Wireless was an important show for Opera to attend, since the US mobile market is slowly catching up to the European and Asian ones, and is a key market target for us.

Update: As Lawrence pointed out in the comments, a few more photos of Opera booth can be found on the official Opera Flickr profile.

Opera’s booth at CTIA Wireless – Photo by Michelle (enlarge)

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Opera is already seeing fruit from the Wii browser in other areas

April 13, 2007 9 comments

With the much anticipated launch of the Opera-powered Wii browser yesterday, Opera is seeing a positive effect in other areas too, namely with desktop browser downloads and the Opera Community site.

Through Opera’s new Wii browser portal, Wii gamers could easily access the My Opera community site, which resulted yesterday in an all time record high of new account signups for a single day. The MyOpera community site is a place where users can host (for free) blogs, photos, and forums, making the Wii a good place for them to showcase their work.

Another new record for Opera yesterday was with downloads of the desktop browser. According to internal figures I’ve seen, a new record was set yesterday for the number of downloads of the desktop browser on the My Opera community site. There’s a small section on the My Opera site which encourages users to download Opera.

That makes two records in one day. Go Opera!

Opera's Ev-Wii-where Challenge

April 12, 2007 4 comments

evwiiwhere200×40.pngThe N+ group over on My.Opera is hosting an interesting challenge – take pictures of the word Wii spelled out in public. Read more about it on their blog.

Here are some:

Photo by DotEd

Photo by Nuno

Photo by DotEd

Photo by Kim

Opera on Digg

April 11, 2007 5 comments

A couple articles about Opera made it to the coveted Digg homepage today. The first one linked to one of my posts about Opera having the most satisfied users (thanks Billmania); the other was about the Opera 9.2 release, which linked to the Desktop Team blog.

As you could see from the screenshots below, these two articles are currently two of the top 10 most popular articles in the “technology” category.

It’s great to see Opera users get the word out on Opera through Digg and other social sites. It’s especially great to see Opera users speak up in the comments to the Digg posts.

Image: Opera on Digg

Official Opera profile on MySpace

April 11, 2007 8 comments

myspace.gifTo help spread the word of Opera, we have set up an official Opera profile on MySpace. Make sure you add “Opera” as your friend, and get the word out to your MySpace friends!


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