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Berit Hanson responds

April 29, 2005 2 comments

In a posting, yesterday, I wrote about a quote by Opera’s PR Specialist, Berit Hanson, that seemed a bit fishy.

The Daily Illini quoted her as saying that Opera recommends using Internet Explorer (IE) and Opera side by side.

Berit was kind enough to respond. Here what she wrote:


I was just directed to the recent posting in your blog, in response to my conversation with the Daily Illini. To clarify the situation, I was asked by the student reporter if students would have to remove IE from their computers in order to use Opera. My reply was that of course you to not have to replace IE with Opera, but rather they can be used side by side. I did not use the word recommend, but I guess I left some room for the reporter’s own interpretation. It’s quite common to be misquoted in the media, and I guess we all just have to take it with a grain of salt.

I hope that Opera fans understand my meaning and didn’t take the statement too literally. Though I must say, it’s nice that so many individuals are following Opera so closely and that our recent visit to US universities is garnering some attention.

Thanks again for your continued dedication to Opera!


Thankfully this issue has been cleared up.

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Matt Drudge uses the Opera browser

April 29, 2005 10 comments

Earlier today I was watching a Matt Drudge interview on C-SPAN TV. At some point during the interview Drudge was explaining how he makes the updates to his site, “The Drudge Report“. The interesting thing that I noticed was not that he uses “NOTEPAD”, but that he uses the Opera browser as his main browser.

I understand that mostly the people in North America will appreciate this tidbit.

Who is Drudge? Matt Drudge runs one of the most influential websites in the world. His site, “The Drudge Report”, is like a tabloid newspaper on the internet offering news, gossip, and celebrity stories.

Drudge attracts on average of 10 million visitors a day. Alexa ranks his site the tenth most popular news site on the internet and 256th most popular site of all websites.

It definitely felt good to see the Opera browser on the TV screen, for once. Especially when such an influential person, like Drudge, shows it.

Matt drudge on C-SPAN.
Matt Drudge on C-SPAN TV

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Opera and Internet Explorer living side-by-side

April 28, 2005 3 comments

There is a particularly disturbing quote from Opera’s PR Specialist, Berit Hanson, in the Daily Illini.

Opera is not trying to replace Internet Explorer (IE), said Berit “you can use them side-by-side. We recommend that, Opera is a tool for the internet.”

Berit, I hope you were misquoted. Opera should be trying to replace IE! Why would Opera recommend using IE and Opera side-by-side?

Perhaps Berit meant to say that IE should be used as an alternative for webpages that aren’t properly displayed in Opera. But that shouldn’t be the official company policy. Opera should instead encourage those ignorant web developers to correct their practices. To be fair, Opera does contact site owners who’s pages aren’t properly displayed in Opera. Opera 8 also added a “Report a site problem” option (under the Help menu).

Berit, as I said above, I hope this is not what you meant to say. I would be glad to post your response to this. You have my personal email address.

Update: Read Berit’s response.

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Opera heads to school

April 28, 2005 Comments off

Representatives from Opera have visited the four largest universities that have signed with Opera, in the US.

Their visits included University of Arizona, Penn State University, University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Illinois.

Opera began offering free site licenses to higher education institutions in the beginning of 2005. More than 500 universities and colleges have signed up with Opera within the first few days since they began this offer.

Schools that have opted for the free license include Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University, Oxford University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Duke University.

It’s definitely nice to see Opera’s entrance into major universities.

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Reaction to Opera's boss' swim challenge from Microsoft's hometown newspaper

April 28, 2005 2 comments

Here is how the Seattle Times, the local newspaper in Microsoft land (Redmond, WA), reported on the swim challenge by Opera’s CEO, Jon S. von Tetzchner.

Various Microsoft executives have swum in “Lake Bill” over the years, celebrating product launches and other milestones with a dunk in the pond in the middle of the Redmond campus.

But none of those splashdowns compares with the stunt announced last week by Opera Software Chief Executive Jon von Tetzchner. He pledged to swim from Norway to the U.S. — stopping only for a cup of hot chocolate at his mother’s house in Iceland — if a million copies of the new Opera browser are downloaded in the first four days of its release.

Well, now with his failed attempt to swim to the USA, he probably should have chosen a more conservative challenge just like the Microsoft executives.

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Ask the boss

April 28, 2005 2 comments

Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner is open for a talk with you. He will be answering your questions about Opera 8 and browsers in general.

Wow, there are so many questions I have to ask, I wonder how many he will answer. The most important one is whether he is still alive? We haven’t heard from him in the last few days. It can get quiet dangerous out there at sea.

For those of you who aren’t aware who Jon von Tetzchner is, he is one of the two founders of Opera, as Rijk points out. Jon along with Geir Ivarsoy developed the Opera browser, initially known as MultiTorg Opera, while working for a Norwegian Telecommunication company in 1993.

Update: Thanks to YtseJam, who points out that Jon von Tetzchner failed in his quest to swim from Norway to the USA after one of the company’s inflatable rafts was punctured off the coast of southern Norway.

Submit your questions

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Thank you Opera

April 27, 2005 11 comments

I would like to publicly congratulate the Opera team on their successful launch of Opera 8.

Congratulations Opera, on a job well done!

(Update) Note: The photos below are NOT related to an Opera 8 party.

P.S. Add your comments to this post to show your appreciation.

Opera CTO Hakon Lie celebrating.
Hakon Wium Lie, Opera CTO and a vocal
standards supporter, celebrating.

Haavard of Opera Software QA.
Haavard, of Opera QA.
Thanks for your voice in the Opera
forums, you deserve that medal.

Rijk, Haavard, and John from Opera Software.
Rijk, Haavard, and John.
Time to celebrate.

Opera Software employees.
Some of Opera Software employees.
Thanks to all of you.

Photos by Gerður Jónsdóttir

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