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Is your site ready to be browsed on the Nintendo Wii?

November 30, 2006 6 comments

David Storey, Opera’s Chief Web Opener, wrote up some tips on his blog to help you ready your site for the Opera browser on the Nintendo Wii. David has been working with some major sites to help them get ready for the Nintendo Wii.

If you own or are responsible for a website, make you don’t lock out Wii users from accessing your site. By the end of this year, Nintendo will have sold 4 million Wiis in the US alone; all of them will have free access to the Wii’s browser.

The Opera browser on the Wii includes Flash support and will support all web standards that are included in the Opera 9 desktop browser, including full support for JavaScript and AJAX.

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Palm users, download Opera Mini 3.0 again to get it to work

November 30, 2006 6 comments

Most Palm users experienced problems with the new Opera Mini 3.0 browser, it has been fixed now. All you need to do is download it again (  to get the latest build (if it still doesn’t work, you may need to remove the old version first, and then install the new one).

Since Opera Mini is a Java application, you will first need to download IBM’s JVM from Palm’s website. Many Treo phones don’t come with a JVM pre-installed.

The problem had something to do with sockets and IBM’s JVM, which isn’t the greatest.

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Designing websites with Opera Mini in mind

November 30, 2006 Comments off

On Dev.Opera (Opera’s Developer site) an article was recently posted describing how to design websites that will display properly in the Opera Mini mobile browser.

If you’re a web developer (especially a news site or email provider, which is often accessed from Opera Mini), then you should definitely take a look at the article. Opera Mini is becoming increasingly popular. Since its launch almost 10 months ago, Opera Mini has amassed 8 million active users.

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November 30, 2006 12 comments

The popular weather site (at least in the United States) recently added a link to an Opera Widget that displays the 5-day weather forecast (See screenshot on the right).

Features of the weather widget include: global coverage, real-time updates, satellite photos, local time display, moon phases, grass pollen count, UV index, humidity levels, space-saving ‘mini mode’, forecasts for up to 5 days, US or metric units.

This widget, called “TouchTheSky”, has been one of the more popular Opera Widgets since widget support was added in the Opera browser, with close to 400,000 downloads.

Opera Widgets work wherever there’s a full Opera browser. The same widget should be able to work across all devices, be it the desktop browser, mobile phone browsers, or even your TV. Widgets make perfect sense for devices where bandwidth is limited, such as mobile phones, since only the actual data is updated each time, unlike a standard webpage where the data and page style details (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) are download every time.

Links: Opera Widgets Homepage :: Weather Widget

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See the photos Opera Mini 3.0 users are taking

November 28, 2006 3 comments

With the new Opera Mini 3.0 you could take pictures with your camera phone directly from the browser, and upload it to the web (such as MySpace, My.Opera, or your photo blog). We’ve compiled the photos that were uploaded to the My.Opera community site using the Opera Mini 3.0 browser. Take a look for yourself.

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Opera Mini 3.0 Simulator

November 28, 2006 9 comments

Opera put up today a new simulator for Opera Mini 3.0. Take a look at it, especially web developers, make sure you sites work well with the tiny browser.

I see the simulator includes the Opera Watch RSS feed. On the Opera Mini start page, click on ‘Feeds’ to see a list of subscribed feeds. Thanks for the plug Opera Mini team. 🙂

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Video demos of Opera Mini 3.0 in action

November 28, 2006 3 comments

With the release of Opera Mini 3.0 today, Opera also published some video demos of the browser in action, showing off some of the new features.

It’s often said ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, but in this case ‘a video is worth a million words’. I hope does these kinds of video demos with all major releases, such as with the new Opera 9.1 desktop version (which is coming out really soon).

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