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Away on Vacation

August 26, 2005 15 comments

I’ll be going on vacation for the next week. So unless I get internet connection at the place that I’m vacationing at (which I doubt), I won’t be posting anything new until September 5th or 6th.

I know this is probably a bad week to take vacation. After all, I’m expecting some major Opera news sometime over the next week. I’ll be missing the big Opera party as well (perhaps Opera can postpone it for one week). Unfortunately I planned this vacation a while ago, so postponing it isn’t an option.

At this time I would like to invite my fellow Opera Watchers to become Opera Watch contributors. If any big news breaks while I’m gone, please share it with others by posting it to the comments of this post.

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Major changes for Opera's desktop revenue model; Will Opera be ad-free???

August 23, 2005 27 comments

In an effort to gain a bigger foothold in the desktop market, Opera will announce an alternative business model for its desktop browser.

Opera’s main strength is in the mobile browser where it saw a profit in the last fiscal quarter. The desktop browser revenue, however, was down from last year.

One Opera employee said that the place is buzzing in Opera (the company) over this announcement. “You have something good to look forward to”.

There is a lot of speculation as to what this announcement entails.

Could it be that Opera will remove its advertisements from the browser in an effort gain a greater foothold in other markets which are much more profitable?

I don’t want to over analyze this, but at a recent shareholders meeting the CEO of Opera said in reference to the desktop browser “we are finding ways to monetize our user base a lot better than before, but licensing revenue is not part of that.” Is he implying that licensing revenue is not in the future of the desktop browser (i.e. it would remove the ads from the browser)?

Until version 5, Opera didn’t have a free version of its desktop browser. In the year 2000, however, it introduced the free version with ads.

Here is what Opera said at that time: “Before this release [version 5], between 1 and 1.5 million people worldwide used Opera. A sizeable number, but we were dwarfed in comparison to our competitors. Finding one’s niche and prospering can be good for many companies, but for us it posed a particular problem. A lot of sites were being constructed just to work with one browser, in effect shutting Opera users out. Therefore we felt the time had come to let Opera out in a free version, so that millions more could enjoy Opera’s Internet experience. Opera 5.0 for Windows was ‘set free’ in December of 2000, and during the first month 2 million users downloaded the browser.”

Removing the ads would have an even greater effect on the number of Opera users. The rest of the Opera products would also benefit from such a change.

I’ll post more about this as I get more info. Stay tuned.

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A Virtual Party, as Opera Turns 10

August 23, 2005 8 comments

Opera will host a virtual party online in honor of its 10 anniversary.

The party will be located at and it will feature music, games, prizes, photos and a HUGE surprise!

All Opera users are invited.

Date: Tuesday, August 30, 2005

  • 3PM Central European Time (CET)
  • 9AM Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDT)
  • 13:00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Update (8/24/05): The party will be online for 24 hours.

Opera's 10th anniversary

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Opera Mentioned on Public Radio

August 22, 2005 13 comments

The Opera browser has been profiled today on The World, an international public radio station.

The radio segment lasts close to six minutes. Listen here.

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Opera Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

August 19, 2005 13 comments

Opera is celebrating its 10-year anniversary today.

The event is being marked by a special party for Opera employees.

Congratulations Opera!

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1,000,000th Post on the Opera Forums

August 14, 2005 6 comments

Congratulations to the Opera community on reaching 1 million posts on the Opera forums today.

The first message posted to the Opera forums was on September 7th 2001.

It has successfully grown to have more than 180,000 members, with close to 100,000 threads.

The Opera forums ranks 43rd of the top English software forums on the web, according to Big-Boards, which tracks the most active message boards and forums on the web.

The Opera Community site is expected to get a major overhaul sometime soon. This would be a great treat for all of us.

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Comparing browser download size

August 12, 2005 12 comments

So how small can the size of the download file for the Opera browser get?

With the recent release of Opera Mini, the answer is pretty amazing, just 55KB. Compare this to the size of Opera version 2, which was about 800KB.

Opera’s programmers have been able cleverly add lots of features and functionality to the Opera browser, while keeping the download size relatively small.

Recently I wrote about the growth of Opera’s file size over time, but how does Opera compare to the rest of the browsers?

I’ve compiled a list of some of the major browsers with their download size.

  • Opera Mini – 55KB
  • Opera Mobile – 1.5MB/2.5MB
  • Opera 8 – 3.6MB
  • Firefox 1.0.6 – 4.7MB
  • Internet Explorer 6 – 12MB
  • Safari 1.2 – 7MB
  • Mozilla 1.X – 11MB
  • Netscape 8 – 12.9MB

As you can see from the list above, Opera is pretty impressive when it comes to their download size. What make it even more impressive is that Firefox, Mozilla, and IE don’t even have most of the features that come standard with Opera, and yet Opera is much smaller.

When Opera added BitTorrent support to the browser, it only added an additional 24KB to the file size.

Bigger is not better.

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