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Silverlight will work with Opera

Microsoft Silverlight, which is a cross-browser plug-in for creating rich interactive applications, is getting lots of buzz these days.

I’ve seen many complaints on blogs and forums about Silverlight not working in Opera. I will have a bit more information about this later, but for now I can just say that Silverlight will work in Opera.

More later.

Update: More details on Silverlight support in Opera

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Update: How to make Google services Opera-friendly

April 20, 2007 9 comments

Earlier this year I blogged about a patch to get some of the offending Google services, such as Google Spreadsheet, Google Calendar, Picassa Web and Google Docs, to work in the Opera browser.

Long story short, Google made some changes to some of these products, further breaking support in Opera. Now Opera user João Eiras (aka xEarth) fights back again by updating his original patch to make these Google services more Opera-friendly (Downlod the updated patch).

Over in the Opera forums an Opera user wrote the following, which I suspect is a sentiment expressed by many other Opera users about Google’s lack of support for Opera.

“…the severe shortness of a script that fixes all functionality issues with Google docs, Google spreadsheets, Picasa, and Google calendar should be telling. That Google, one of the biggest companies around can’t find the time to test in Opera is shocking; that one man working alone can write a 140 line (including comments) script consisting of a handful of simple fixes should reflect far, far worse on Google than it does on Opera. Especially when you consider that they somehow find the time to work past IE innumerable flaws.”

I’ve spoken with David Storey, who heads Opera’s Web Opening team, about Google. He mentioned to me that various Google teams are working with Opera to solve some of the issues in the browser. For example Opera is actively working with Google’s GWT team (GWT is their Ajax library), and they are currently reporting as well as fixing issues (even working around an opera bug). In addition, their Maps team is also very responsive.

Opera has a dedicated Web Opening team that is constantly working with sites, big and small, to help solve compatibility issues with Opera. This team does a superb job. They don’t merely contact the site and simply let them know there’s a problem with Opera; they actually troubleshoot the problem first and then contact the site webmasters with specific information on what’s causing the problem and instructions on how to fix it.

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David Storey's Web Developer wish list

January 3, 2007 1 comment

Opera’s Chief Web Opener, David Storey, posted on his blog a wish list for 2007 (developer edition). If you’re a web developer, take a look at it – especially his 5th item on the list.

David now heads the Web Opening team at Opera Software. When users submit bug reports about sites not working correctly in the Opera browser, and the problem is with the website code (not a bug in the browser itself), the Web Opening team contacts the site developers and usually works with them on fixing the offending code.

The day the Wii Opera browser was released, for some reason YouTube stopped working on the Nintendo device. David was the one to handle the issue; he blogged about it here.

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How to make Google services Opera-friendly

January 2, 2007 8 comments

Here’s a neat little hack to make some of the offending Google services work better in the Opera browser.

Joao Eiras, an Opera user, wrote a small Opera User JavaScript file (Download patchHow to install) that patches some of the incompatibilities with Google services, such as Google Docs, Google Spreadsheet, Google Calendar, and Picasa Web.

Opera’s User JavaScript acts in a similar way as GreaseMonkey, the Firefox extension, only it’s built into the Opera browser. These scripts allow you, the visitor of a site, to directly manipulate the content (HTML, JavaScript, etc) of the page.

There’s a collection of other Opera User JavaScript files on this site (; it seems, however, that the site has been dormant for a bit.

(via Google OS and WebProNews)

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Google services that (don't) work in the Opera browser

November 8, 2006 9 comments

On the CyberNet blog Ryan posted a list of Google services, many that work and some that don’t work in the Opera browser.

Most of the Google services mentioned work in the Opera browser, such as Google Reader, Google AdWords (“Duh! Of course it works…think profit!”), and Gmail. Yet there are some services that falsely prompt Opera users with a message saying their browser isn’t supported even though they work fine in Opera, such as Google Calendar and Google Page Creator.

In the blog post, Ryan says it shouldn’t be up to Opera to fix Google’s problems.

Yes, Google services cause nightmares to Opera users at times. They seem to occasionally disregard Opera. But it’s something we both need to work on together. If it means adding some unimplemented feature to the browser, then we need to add it. On the other hand, big companies such as Google need to set an example with standard-compliant implementation.

We at Opera Software work closely with Google to make sure their services work in the Opera browser. Sometimes, unfortunately, it takes a bit longer than we all would like.

I’d also like to give my kudos to the Google Reader team for developing such a powerful web application that works with more than just Firefox and Internet Explorer (as Ryan mentioned). Hopefully their influence could permeate to the rest of the company.

Additional reading: An inside look at how Opera works on site compatibility by Opera’s Hallvord Steen.

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Flock’s Will Pate offers congrats on my new job at Opera

October 25, 2006 6 comments

Will Pate, the Community Ambassador at Flock (the social web browser based on Firefox), sent in his congratulations on my new job at Opera as a Technical Evangelist.

He also emailed me asking whether both the Flock and Opera communities can work together on some project. Sure we can.

I think what’s important to Flock and Opera users is that web developers follow open standards. Our communities could work on promoting better standards support to web developers.

I know David Storey, our Chief Web Opener at Opera, and his team are working hard on this issue – but there’s too much work for just a few people. We need do to more promotion of open standards support to web developers. We all benefit from it.

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Opera visits Microsoft in preparation for Windows Vista

August 18, 2006 19 comments

A group from Opera Software visited Microsoft this week to prepare future versions of the Opera browser for Windows Vista.

The Windows version of Opera makes use of some of the underlying components of the Windows platform. Windows Vista, Microsoft’s new OS, includes many changes to Windows, which may require some changes on Opera’s part.

Opera’s Chief Web Opener, David Storey, was among those who visited Microsoft this week, which leads me to think that Microsoft’s websites was also on the agenda. Many of Microsoft’s new “Live” websites (including the new Hotmail) don’t work in the Opera browser.

Hang out with the Opera guys
If you’d like to meet the group from Opera, they’ll be at the Seattle Opera User Group meeting tonight. More details here.

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