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1,000 Opera Widgets uploaded to widgets.opera.com in 8 months

February 22, 2007

1001widgets.pngIt’s been a short 8 months since Opera added support for widgets in the browser, and today Opera passed the 1,000th mark of user-created widgets uploaded to widgets.opera.com.

Widgets are still a touchy subject for many hardcore Opera users. Many still don’t see the need or even benefit of including it in the browser. There was even a short discussion about this last week in the comments to one of my previous posts.

As Lawrence pointed out, the focus of Opera Widgets has always been to provide cross-platform capabilities and convenience for end users. The same Opera Widget that runs on your desktop will also run on this wall pad and many other Opera-powered devices. Opera Widgets should work wherever there’s an Opera browser. Recently Opera announced that the Opera Mobile browser will also support widgets.

There are a couple widgets that I usually have floating around on my desktop, the calendar and weather forecast widgets. I find them useful.

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