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I'm blogging over at the official Opera Mini team blog

February 16, 2007

Opera Mini has been immensely successful since it publicly launched one year ago. The amount of new users Opera Mini gets each month is nothing short of astounding. Some may even call it “a movement”, given that it achieved more than 10 million accumulative users in a short 12 months with virtually no paid advertisement.

I was recently briefed on some of the very exciting new developments that will make browsing with Opera Mini much easier and more enjoyable. The Opera Mini team is truly innovating the way people browse the web on the phone. There’s a lot ahead in the pipeline.

I’ve joined the Opera Mini team blog; I’ll blog there myself, as well as assist Opera Mini developers and QA with their blogging efforts. There’s a lot to talk about and share with Opera Mini users. I just put up my first blog post there, and I’m about to post another one about Opera Mini 3.1 (which due out soon).

So if you’re interested in following the latest developments of Opera Mini, subscribe to the Opera Mini blog’s RSS feed. I usually won’t cross post to Opera Watch.

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  1. February 19, 2007 at 1:08 pm

    Some of us were chatting in the new MyOpera IRC channel, and we wondered what the browser would identity as since I have Opera Mini basic installed. Soooo, basically this is just a test. 😀

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