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How to get a free Nintendo Wii?

December 19, 2006

Want the super cool Nintendo Wii? Opera is giving some away free!

Opera is running a couple competitions now; both have the Wii as the grand prize.

The first competition is with Opera Mini, where you use Opera Mini’s built-in photo blogging feature (video demo here) to tell a story using about 10-20 pictures. More details are available here.

The other competition involves Opera Widgets, and is geared toward widget developers (if you know HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript, you could make an Opera Widget). The one to upload the best Opera Widget to widgets.opera.com over the next few weeks will receive a Nintendo Wii. More info here.

  1. December 20, 2006 at 3:01 am

    My biggest problem with making a widget is that I don’t have any ideas for good widgets. Since they are so limited in their functionality, I really can make anything productive…

    What I want to do is make a UserJS that will throw a set of tabs at the top of every page. The first tab toggles display of the webpage, and the other tabs would be developer tabs that give you different views of the code. The only thing stopping me is the fact that I can’t remember anything about JavaScript. What little bit I did learn, I’ll now have to learn all over again.

    I guess it’s a good thing they aren’t giving away a Wii for UserJS… 😉

  2. December 20, 2006 at 2:50 pm


    If you want an idea, I would say start with the SPAQL query engine that Opera has in the lab and mix that with the FOAF widget and the opera.community widget out there.. you should be able to come up with some good idea there.

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