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Opera Day 1 at the Webmaster World PubCon conference

November 15, 2006

(Cross posted on Opera’s official Event blog)

Our first day at the Webmaster World PubCon conference in Las Vegas was a successful one. To start of the conference, we attended the keynote address by Guy Kawaski, former Technical Evangelist at Apple and current venture capitalist. Guy spoke about the importance of innovation and ways to achieve it. We at Opera Software found his speech comforting, since most of what he mentioned is what we have been doing for a while already. We’ve been doing real innovation for quite some time.

We attended many of the sessions and talks and met with developers. One of the main reasons for us having a presence here is developers. We want to reach out to developers as much as we can. We want to make them aware of not just the Opera desktop browser, but also the browsers on other devices.

I was a panelist on a panel discussing CSS and HTML coding, where my main theme was for developers to pay attention to the new, non-traditional way of browsing the web. We’re seeing a paradigm shift where increasingly people aren’t just browsing the web on the traditional desktop browser, but on mobile phones and other devices too. And it’s important for developers to make sure they follow web standards so that their sites will work across all browsers and platforms regardless of screen size.

Jon von Tetzchner, our CEO and co-founder of Opera, gave the second keynote address of the day. Jon spoke about Opera’s effort to simply build a browser that runs anywhere imaginable. He also touched on Opera’s core belief that web users should have the same browsing content on all devices. There shouldn’t be a need for a slimmed down version of sites just for mobile phones or devices. After the keynote, Jon took questions from the audience. There’s an interesting blog post on the conference’s blog that explains how Jon got the keynote gig.

Being one of the big sponsors of the conference, we got to see the Opera logo and the words “Opera Software” sprinkled all around the conference area. If you’re at the conference, make sure you come visit us at our booth, where you can see how your websites look in the cool devices that contain the Opera browser.

We had a nice dinner at one of the Mexican restaurants in the evening, where Opera’s CEO and his wife joined us (about 10 Opera employees flew in for the conference).

I managed to do a short video interview with Opera’s CEO; I hope to post it online soon.

View photos of the event here.

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