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Opera Mobile 8.60 Web browser for Series 60 Released

May 4, 2006

Opera today released an upgrade to its Opera Mobile browser for the Series 60 phones, version 8.60.

Opera Mobile 8.60 for S60 is designed for the new Symbian 9, S60 3rd Edition phones, featured on handsets such as the Nokia 3250, N91, N80, N71, E60, E61 and E71. It also supports all current Symbian S60 2nd Edition mobile devices.

The upgraded browser offers many new features which help speed-up browsing on mobile phones, as reported yesterday on Opera Watch.

One of the most important new features available in this upgrade is the auto-complete option. With Web address auto complete, Opera will make suggestions while you type, based on your browsing history and bookmarks. Once you’ve tried it, you would never go back. This should help make typing long URLs on mobile phones much easier.

Opera 8.60 lets you keep up to four open windows (tabs) at the same time, and switch easily between them using either the menu or a shortcut. Each window can have its own settings for zoom levels and page display options.

For previous Opera users, you will quickly discover the new smooth scrolling when you first try Opera 8.60. It works in both rendering modes and really makes it easy to navigate on Web pages while focusing on readability.

The new Page up / Page down feature is good both for reading articles and for quick browsing down a page. And because it’s so good to use we’ve even included it as default shortcut keys.

Opera 8.60 comes with a new fresh look, but within the familiar S60 framework. It has new and slimmer scrollbars, new buttons and form elements with rounded shapes and a blue highlighting feature to make it easy to find your way on any Web page.

The new blue highlighting shows you where you are by highlighting links, forms elements and images.

And as with all other Opera mobile browsers, Opera 8.60 comes with the ‘Fit to screen’ rendering option, which reformats the Web page eliminating the need for horizontal scrolling, a common annoyance in many other mobile browsers.

A complete list of the changes and new features is available here.

Download Opera 8.60

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