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Slashdot interviews Opera's CEO

January 3, 2006

Slashdot just posted its interview with Opera’s CEO Jon von Tetzchner. The slashdot community submitted the interview questions.

Here are some quotes from the interview:

On Microsoft buying Opera:

We have been competing with Microsoft for a long time and I have not felt that they have always fought fairly. I would be disappointed if we were to end up in their hands and I find that very unlikely. I believe a lot of people at Opera would find them selves other work and that would include me.

On the lack of extension support in Opera:

Our concern with regards to extensions has been security and general usability. We have seen the number of security issues Microsoft has struggled with and many of them have been related to the APIs between the different applications. However, we do see a demand and we do tend to listen to demands from our users.

On the Opera going Open Source:

I do not believe that making Opera open source would benefit us all that much. I do not think it has benefited Netscape much either.

On a new Opera Logo:

No new logo is planned. Our feeling is that the current logo works well and it has been built over years. It is already being used by partners all across the world in promoting the fact that Opera comes with their products.

On Opera’s innovative features being copied by other browsers:

Although our competitors have opened their eyes to some of our features, many are still only to be found in Opera and we aim to continue adding new ones. I am happy that we are considered the most innovate browser company and that is something we will be working hard to maintain. It is quite flattering that our features are being copied like that and I would prefer us to be in the position of being copied and not the other way around.

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