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Opera version mix-up

July 29, 2005

There appears to be some confusion about the latest preview version number.

Opera released a couple of weeks ago version 8.02 Technical Preview (TP) 1 with BitTorrent support, it then released yesterday version 8.02 final without BitTorrent support.

However, today it released a second Technical Preview version that includes the 8.02 security enhancements and BitTorrent support, but Opera named it version 8.10 Technical Preview 2.

As it turns out, the first Technical Preview that contained BitTorrent should have been named version 8.1 Technical Preview 1 — not 8.02 TP, according to some in Opera.

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  1. Anonymous
    July 31, 2005 at 11:34 pm

    I have used Opera since version 4 on Win.Linux, and now on MAc. I’m a big big fan.

    Lately I’d been using the Opera 8 beta for about 3 months, no problems, super fast. Great.

    2 days ago I get a popup from Opera saying 8.02 was ready for download. It was the first crap download I’ve ever had from Opera. It crashes daily, and it does not save the current state/session when I close it. Also, the f12 quick pref doesn’t work, and the bnormal preferences have been all changed around. I don’t like it. and switched back.


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