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Mozilla Targets Mobile Browser Market

December 8, 2004

The Mozilla Foundation is working on a “Mini-Mozilla” browser for consumer devices, such as phones, PDAs and television set-top boxes. They have named it “MiniMo“, short for “MiniMozilla”.

Mozilla has just released their first technical preview, V0.1, which is based on a slimmed-down 1.7a Mozilla codebase.

Minimo’s main competitor in the mobile phone browsing market is Opera Mobile, which produces versions of its browser for various mobile phones including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Panasonic and Siemens handsets. It has recently recorded its one millionth download of Opera Mobile from its corporate Web site. This number is in addition to the many more copies that are downloaded from partner and other download sites.

A spokeswoman for Opera said that Mozilla doesn’t have as much experience of developing for mobile platforms. “We have been working on mobile browsers for six years.”

There are currently two mobile phone manufacturers, according to Doug Turner, the project leader of Minimo, which they are working with. They are also in the process of creating a partnership with a TV manufacturer.

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