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No Need for Horizontal Scrolling in Opera 7.60

November 23, 2004

Opera has added to its desktop browser a new rendering technology said to eliminate horizontal scrolling, regardless of screen size.

Opera Software today announced that they have solved the problem of rendering and printing Web pages effectively regardless of screen or paper size. Opera’s new Extensible Rendering Architecture (ERA) means no more horizontal scrolling or cutting off the edges on print-outs. In combination with Opera’s Zoom function, ERA also presents a compelling accessibility feature with which users can magnify Web pages dramatically and still view them without having to scroll sideways.

The rendering challenge has been that most Web pages are designed with desktop or laptop users in mind, and are usually set to a fixed width of 800 pixels or more. Consequently, if your screen or window size is smaller than the minimum width of the Web page, you have to resort to horizontal scrolling. Furthermore, printing Web pages will often leave out parts because the Web page is wider than the paper. Opera’s ERA technology enables dynamic resizing to adapt Web page content to fit any paper size, browser window, or screen — from projectors to mobile phones, and everything in between.

Opera 7.60 is due to be released at the end of 2004.

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