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Microsoft: Do we need tabbed browsing?

November 11, 2004

With the recent launch of Firefox 1.0, Microsoft Australia’s managing director Steve Vamos told ZDNet Australia that he did not believe Internet Explorer would be threatened by the Firefox launch. “We probably need to do a bit of work to communicate the features that are in IE,” he said. Wake up and smell the coffee, Mr. Vamos, there are NO features in IE, nothing, compared to what other browsers have.

Ben English, Microsoft Australia’s security spokesman, said that features such as tabbed browsing were not important to IE users. “I don’t believe it is a true statement that IE doesn’t have the features that our customers want. We take user feedback very seriously. If you have that feedback then you should feed it back to us because we will feed it to the product team,” said English. If Microsoft does take user feedback seriously, then why haven’t they released a major upgrade to IE since they won the browser war over Netscape?

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